Delight the Customers You've Already Earned

Businesses live and die by their customers. Lasting success hinges on whether they can surpass their customers’ expectations throughout all stages of the buyer's journey.

Below we outline how you can build a reputation for your business as a company which delights both current and future customers.

Top Service… And Then Some

Think of your business as a top quality, Michelin star restaurant. The entire business is working towards providing the customer with the most rewarding experience possible and any flaw in service will leave the customer unsatisfied.

But how many companies actually take this approach?

Despite the fact that 80% of companies believe superior customer service is necessary for success, only 8% of companies actually deliver.

And this trend is felt on the customer’s end, too. A recent American Express survey found only 7% of consumers reported having a customer service experience which exceeded their expectations.

Such experiences leave customers unsatisfied and willing to take their business to a competitor within a day of poor service.

Considering that the White House Office of Consumer Affairs has found that it costs businesses 6-7 times more to attract a new customer than to retain an existing one, failure in this area can be costly.

However, businesses lagging in this critical area shouldn’t despair - there’s still hope if you change your strategy now.

Make Delighting the Customer a Priority for Everyone

If you’re familiar with inbound marketing, you’re probably aware of the mantra “attract, convert, close, delight.” It’s an unfortunate reality that attracting, converting and closing customers often excites businesses to the point where they forget, or ignore the final element in a successful inbound marketing program; delight.

And it may sound like the first two stages (attract and convert) belong in the marketer’s domain, while the last two (close and delight) are the job of salespeople.

Making this assumption would be a mistake.

Inbound marketing promotes a streamlined experience for the customer. Although sales may be more responsible for closing than marketing, both departments work together throughout much of the process as they share the same goals and targets.

And delighting the customer is seen as everyone’s responsibility. This may seem odd at first. If marketers are dealing with potential customers, can they delight them?

The short answer is yes.

Think of every single interaction a consumer has with your business as an opportunity. They’re looking at your blog article or downloading your e-book because they have specific needs and wants.

If you can make that experience better for them, say by creating more targeted content and directing them towards it, then you’re much more likely to later convert and close them as customers.

Further, the quality of the relationship you build with the customer will determine whether they become loyal customers who then become promoters for your business. And that’s really the value of providing a delightful customer service.

How to Delight Every Time

To bring this strategy into action, there are three things to remember:

  1. Create memorable moments for the customer.

How your customers evaluate their experience will be based on how they remember it. Negative experiences are remembered more readily so ensure positive experiences outnumber and outweigh them.

  1. Make the experience personal.

You have an immense amount of data available. Use it wisely to draw out specific insights and create offers which hit particular pain points.

  1. Keep it simple

Customers don’t like to have to work hard to make a purchase. Offer the least resistance through good, simple design and you’ll have the highest chance of gaining customers.

The future of your business relies on how well you can delight your current and future customers. Put these ideas into practice and reap the rewards.

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