HubSpot Impact Awards: Demystifying Compliance with Real-World Design

Compliance Council assists Australian companies to meet the increasingly high operating standards placed upon them. These standards range from quality management to information security management and are globally applicable across industries.

Reaching compliance with the standards developed by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) is a complex process, to the point of intimidating and deterring prospects. Compliance Council strives to remove the burden and stress of meeting these industry standards. However, they sometimes found it difficult to communicate the practical 'real-world' need for compliance, without alienating prospects with theoretical jargon.

We were tasked with a graphic design project that brought the need for compliance out of the theoretical realm and into the everyday reality for prospects. The focus of our campaign was the standard for information security management systems, ISO 27001.


Campaign Snapshot 

The Ask: Make the need for an information security management system compliant with ISO 27001 understandable to everyone.

The Answer: An interactive HubSpot COS micro site that walks prospects through the everyday flash points where their company’s information is at risk.


Designing the Need for Information Security Management and ISO 27001 

Information security is a critical concern for all businesses, small and large, with serious implications. In fact, IBM Security’s ‘Cost of a Data Breach’ study found that the average cost of a data breach for companies in 2017 exceeded $2.5 million.

Despite the legal, reputational and financial damages caused by a data breach, Compliance Council were finding that some prospects held onto an attitude of “it won’t happen to us.” They had a middle-of-the-funnel offer available for download, an ‘Information Security and Australian Businesses’ white paper, however, this was a more technical review of the importance of information security management systems and did not engage prospects at the top of the funnel.

Our solution to this resistance was an interactive microsite that took information security beyond the world of complex terms, figures and statistics, and highlighted the tangible threats to company information that exist in almost every office.

HubSpot Impact Awards 2017


“Whether it’s removable media or human error, every office has its weak points. Discover yours with our interactive risk analysis.” 

The ungated microsite invites prospects to explore the isometric illustration of a typical office environment.

Explore the microsite.


Compliance Council Impact Awards HubSpot

Prospects click on the marked flashpoint to reveal compelling information on the nature of the threat:

HubSpot Impact Awards 2017 Spinfluence

Each information card includes a call to action to download the MOFU offer, ‘Information Security and Australian Businesses’ whitepaper:

Once clicked, the call to action reveals a slide-in HubSpot form:

In educating prospects on the everyday information security risks they face within their office, we provide context to the MOFU whitepaper download and offer a seamless lead capture process.

The microsite was supported by a suite of blog CTAs, social cards, email signatures and display advertisements:

Blog Base CTA

Blog Inline CTA

Email signature CTA

Social Cards

A Rational Introduction to ISO 27001

The interactive micro site was an educational and engaging answer to introducing the concepts outlined in ISO 27001. In becoming compliant with the standard, businesses implement measures like information accessibility controls, clean desk policies and encryption of removable media, which are each introduced in the flashpoint cards of the microsite.

Highlighting to prospects that information security is an issue that affects all organisations allowed us to introduce the ISO 27001 standard as a solution. As a result of this approach, downloads on the white paper increased by 70%, achieving a conversion rate on the slide in form of 21%.

Furthermore, the microsite gave the Compliance Council consultants a valuable conversation starter with existing clients, facilitating cross-selling opportunities. The Compliance Council sales team was able to incorporate the microsite in conversation with clients who were certified to other standards, like ISO 9001, as an introduction to ISO 27001. In doing so, Compliance Council have increased the number of ‘integrated management system’ clients; who receive compliance services for multiple standards including ISO 27001.

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